NOTICE NO: OSAPL/MR/02            The next Entrance Examinations for OCT will be start from June 2019. Notification may be seen on website

NOTICE NO: OSAPL/MR/03            The Applications for Entrance Examination for Oct 2019 Batch will be starting soon.

NOTICE NO: OSAPL/MR/04            The office is closed indefinitely due to Covid-19 as directed by Government. For any important work please Email us at info@offshoreshipping.co.in

NOTICE NO: OSAPL/MR/05            The office is closed indefinitely due to COVID-19 as directed by Government. This is informing to all the Employees that the organisation is in very poor 

                                                               economical condition, we hope all the employees will support and undersatand the epidemic. Remining salary will be paid after the office opens when

                                                               work start smoothly.