Pre-Sea Training for G. P Rating (Deck/Engine)

Affiliated to Institute of Maritime Education & Training Austrailia
Course approved by Maritime Affairs Republic of Vanuatu

Pre-Sea Training for those looking to start their career in Merchant Navy right after 10th Standard as a GP Rating.

A 4-month pre-sea course aimed to provide the students with basic entry-level knowledge in the maritime field as well as to prepare the students to serve as a GPR on board a merchant ship. On successful completion of this Pre-Sea Training, the candidates will be eligible to join India / Foreign Shipping companies as a Deck / Engine crew. With Further Sea Service, they will be promoted as Able-Bodied Seaman& Bousen. They can also be promoted to Officer Level with certain service and qualification requirements. 

 Pre-Sea Training Career Progression Chart

After 4 Months (Deck Rating/Engine Rating) Course

Join as either Deck Crew or Engine Crew

OS - Promoted as AB Seaman, Bosun in Deck Side

(Or) promoted in Engine Side

27 months sea experience & with certain qualification Eligible to appear for 2nd mate exams

Eligible to get promotion to Third Officer & Fourth Engineer or with further sea experience & exam can be promoted to Captain level


Job Prospectus

Merchant ships require qualified and competent personnel man to various services and systems on board . After completing training a candidate can join either as a Deck or Engine Rating.


Aims & Objective of theTraining 

       a) A basic understanding of the Ships routine, its operations, legislation and related duties.
       b) A good foundation in the principles of Safety, Accident, Preventions, Pollution at Sea, Fire Fighting and First Aid.
       c) An idea of the theory and practice of a ships compass and hints on steering.
       d) Basic Engineering Knowledge, maintenance and safe working practices.
       e) Knowledge regarding tools, equipments & instruments commonly found on board ships.
       f) Practical knowledge of handling Ropes, Blocks, Sackles & Rigging.
      g) Practical Training in handling a life-raft, life-boat and starting its diesel engine.
      h) Practical workshop training in Carpentry, Plumbing, Machine Shop, Hot Work, Electrical and Diesel Engine Maintenance shop.


Curriculum for Pre-Sea Training for G. P. Rating (Engine/Deck)

       a) Standard Marine Navigation Vocabulary and Use of English Language
       b) Knowledge of Ships and Shipping Industry
       c) Contribute to Monitoring and controlling a Safe Watch
       d) Steer the Ship and Comply with Helm Orders
       e) Keep a proper look out by sight and by Hearing
       f) Operate Emergency Equipment and Apply Emergency Procedure
       g) Survive at Sea in the Event of Ship Abandonment
       h) Minimize risk of Fire, Maintain State of Readiness, Fight and Extinguish Fires
        i) Take Immediate Action Upon Encountering an Accident or Other Medical Emergencies
        j) Comply with Emergency Procedures, Prevent Pollution and Contribute to Effective
       k) Human Relationship on Board Ship
        l) Machinery in Engine Room, Purpose, Location, and Basic Working Knowledge
      m) Carry out Watch Keeping Duties as Engine Room Rating Safe Working Practices and Related Engine Room Operations
       n) Basic Environment Protection Procedures.



Fees Structure for Pre-Sea Training for G. P. Rating (Engine/Deck)







RS. 20,000



RS. 60,000



RS. 50,000



RS. 50,000

                  TOTAL TRAINING FEES

RS. 1,80,000

Note: Fees Excluding GST 18 %, hostel, lodging facilities, food, uniform, books & stationary included in total fees. Download detailed fees structure Click Here